Dan Marchetti’s Avid Flyer

avid1 My Avid is a B model born in 1990.

Had a 532 Rotax

Stalls at 34mph cruise at 85 mph indicated. 2 seater . Wing folds, store it in my garage, fly it off my property which is a legal runway in the township.

Did a lot of mods:

Replaced the Rotax with a Jabiru 2200. Had to add a trim tab on the rudder, because my prop turns the other way. Added a battery in front of the tail wheel.  Installed Grove landing gear. Also an EIS system.  I am building an oil tempurature controller to fly  in cool weather

Built a piggyback instrument panel for water and fuel pressure gauges which were replaced  with the EIS system.


Down the road features;

Add speed wings, big tanks,  and wheel pants for the cold weather.

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